About Nauthólsvík
The city of Reykjavík operates the sailing club Siglunes and the Geothermal beach in Nauthólsvík.

The farm, Nauthóll, was build around the mid 19th century.  It was one of many farms that were constructed around Reykjavík at the time.  In the beginning of the 20th century, following a typhoid fever, the houses were burned and the ruines can still be seen north of the car parking. 

During the World War Two the British Army was quite extensive around the airport close by.  In the bay, Nauthólsvík, was the location for the seaplanes but those kind of planes were very important in the battle of the Atlantic Ocean.  At the time there was also a Norwegian aviation squadron here. A monument of their stay is located next to the service center at the Geothermal beach. 

In the years following the war there were ideas of exploiting Nauthólsvík as a place for seabathing but soon seabathing was banned by the reason of pollution.

In the 80‘s the "hot stream", Heiti Lækurinn, that runs from some hot water reservoir tanks situated close by, was very popular until it was closed in 1985.   Shortly after, during the cleansing of the city‘s shoreline, the idea of the seabathing facilities in Nauthólsvík was carried forward.  The Geothermal beach was opened in the summer of 2000 and the service center, with changing rooms, showers, hot tubs and  refreshments, was opened the year after.

In the most preferable circumstances the seawater in the lagoon is around 15°-19°C and the hot tubs are around 30°-39°C hot.  The lagoon and the hot tubs are heated up with the same kind of water as was in the hot stream, Heiti lækurinn, before.  The water comes from the hot water tanks, that are underneath the dome Perlan, and has been used previously to heat up people‘s houses in Reykjavík.  

The service center is ideal for runners that have a choice of numerous variation of paths in the area. 


The sailing club, Siglunes, has their facilities in Nauthólsvík on the east side of the Geothermal beach. 


Nauthólsvegi, 101 Reykjavík - N 64°07'17" V 21°55'41"


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