Geothermal Beach - Ylströnd


Opening hours (wintertime)

Mondays 11:00 - 14:00 og 17:00 - 20:00

Wednesdays 11:00 - 14:00 og 17:00 - 20:00

Fridays 11:00 - 14:00

Saturdays 11:00 - 16:00


Opening hours (summertime)

15th May  - 15th August

Every day from 10.00 - 19.00



The service during opening hours at the Geothermal beach
The admission to the beach, hot tub, changing rooms and toilets is free during the summertime but in wintertime the admission is 600 ISK. 
It is possible to buy refreshments and rent necessaries and storage in the reception.
The temperature of the hot tub is around 38°C all year long.


About the Geothermal beach
In the summer of 2000 the Geothermal beach in Nauthólsvík was opened.  Golden beachsand was braught in from elsewhere and big seawalls were build which form a lagoon where the cold sea and hot geothermal water fuse together.  It is actually more likely to see a beach like this by the Mediterranean sea than  in the most northwardly city of the world that is situated by the North Atlantic sea!  The goal with this project was to make this bay, Nauthólsvík, a diverse outdoor area with numerous possibilities as, for example, sunbathing, seabathing and sailing.

The following summer, in 2001, a service center opened at the Geothermal beach that provides  changing rooms, hot showers and possibility to buy hot drinks and chocolate among other things.  A big hot tub is in front of the service center which is, in average, 38-39°C hot and also steambath wich is up to 47°C hot.  The beach is very popular in the summertime and is progressively becoming a hit in the wintertime as well.

The sea temperature has been known to become around -1,9°C during the coldest months and around 17°C in the summertime. Average temperature is 4°- 6°C in the winter and 12°- 13°C in the summer.

The temperature of the sea inside the lagoon itself is a bit higher in the summer, average 15°- 19°C, as it is heated up with geothermal heat.  In the wintertime this hot water that sometimes runs into the lagoon does not make any difference for the temperature.

The Geothermal beach has quite a good attendance as it counts around 530 thousand guests each year, both Icelanders and foreigners. 
It is save to say that this beach has become a true paradise inside the city limits!

Rate list
The admission to the beach, hot tub, steambath and showers is free during the summer.
Towels for rent 600 ISK and swimsuits for rent: 300 ISK.
We have cheap hot drinks with a refill.

The service at the Geothermal beach
Admission to the beach, hot tub, changing rooms and toilets. 
It is possible to buy refreshments and rent necessaries and storage in the reception.
The temperature of the hot tub is around 38-39°C all year long. 
The temperature of the lagoon is around 15°-19°C in the summertime when it is fused with hot geothermal water.  That is only done during opening hours.

Seabathing is getting increasingly popular in Iceland and the fact that we have these  great facilities here in Nauthólvík, the Geothermarl beach, really is perfect for this sport.
Few important advices for seabathing:
   1. Never swim alone. Always have a partner with you.
   2. Always watch your partner. Monitor his/her condition by speaking regularly.
   3. Dont go to far from the coast.
   4. Stay very briefly for your first few times.
   5. Recognice the possible symptoms of hypothermia.
   6. Listen to your body and act on it.
In case of an emergency dial 112
The staff can not ensure the safety of the guests while in the sea.

Rules and Regulations
Children under the age of 10 can only access this site in the accompany of an individual who can swim, 15 years or older. It is preferable that an adult only has two children, at a time, under their care on the beach. Our guests are at their own responsibility. There is security on the beach but no child care.

Smoking, consumption of alcohol, dogs and any kind of bicycle- and vehicle traffic is prohibited on the beach at any time.

We expect our guests to kindly respect our rules and regulations.


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